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Resources for Federally Funded Grants

WEM will not be able to award sub-grants if an agency does not have an active System for Award Management Unique Entity Identifier (SAM UEI) number.

If your organization needs to obtain a System for Award Management Unique Entity Identifier (SAM UEI) number, go to

For more information about how to register in SAM, please access the following guides:

For more information about FEMA’s grant policy and implementation for preparedness grants, please access this manual.


2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity

This grant may be used to increase cybersecurity resilience through implementation of multi-factor authentication and managed detection and response projects. Selected applications will demonstrate a high risk of cybersecurity incident, significant potential impacts from a cybersecurity incident, and a plan to continue services after the grant period expires.

More information is available in the SLCGP Supporting Information.

Eligibility: County, municipal, and tribal units of government including local public authorities, school districts, special districts, intrastate districts, councils of governments, regional or interstate government entities, agencies or instrumentalities of a local government, and unincorporated communities.