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Resources for Federally Funded Grants

WEM will not be able to award sub-grants if an agency does not have an active System for Award Management Unique Entity Identifier (SAM UEI) number.

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2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity

This grant provides hazardous materials training opportunities to public service personnel such as emergency managers, law enforcement, fire, EMS, public health, public works, local officials, and emergency volunteers.

This grant also provides hazardous materials training to individuals who respond with and support hazardous materials technicians. The duties of these individuals require a more directed or specific knowledge of the various substances they may be called upon to contain.

Wisconsin’s Hazardous Materials courses are comprehensive and exceed national training standards in the field of HazMat response training.


2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity

This grant will provide funds for county government planning activities in obtaining a commodity flow study to increase their jurisdictions’ effectiveness in safely and efficiently handling accidents and incidents related to commercial transportation of hazardous materials. Funding from this grant opportunity will be used to hire a consultant/contractor to complete the study. The FFY2024 Commodity Flow Study grant shall focus on commercial transportation of hazardous materials on waterways and ports of commerce within each Wisconsin Emergency Management region. This Commodity Flow Study will not include common releases of diesel, gasoline, or other fluids from marine vessels.

To the greatest extent possible or applicable, commodity flow studies will follow the “Guidebook for Conducting Local Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Studies” developed by the Hazardous Materials Cooperative Research Program. Commodity Flow Study will include, but is not limited to:

  • Assess flow patterns of water-based hazmat transportation within a jurisdiction.
  • Assessment of local response capabilities and resources to a water-based transportation hazmat incident.
  • General preparedness planning for improvement and implementation of water-based hazmat transportation-related emergency plans.


2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity

This grant may be used to increase cybersecurity resilience through implementation of multi-factor authentication and managed detection and response projects. Selected applications will demonstrate a high risk of cybersecurity incident, significant potential impacts from a cybersecurity incident, and a plan to continue services after the grant period expires.

More information is available in the SLCGP Supporting Information.

Eligibility: County, municipal, and tribal units of government including local public authorities, school districts, special districts, intrastate districts, councils of governments, regional or interstate government entities, agencies or instrumentalities of a local government, and unincorporated communities.


2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Computer and Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Response Equipment Grant (CHREG) is available to assist counties in complying with the requirements of ss. 323.60 and 323.61, Wis. Stats. The funds awarded under this grant are meant to supplement existing local funding for hazmat response equipment; it is not intended to fully fund local hazmat response capabilities within the state. There are two components to this grant – funding for computer equipment for the county emergency management offices and funding for hazmat teams for hazardous materials response equipment.

WEM will provide grant funds to Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) for the purchase of computer and hazardous materials response equipment to assist their county in complying with the requirements of ss. 323.60 and 323.61, Wis. Stats. The purpose of the computer portion of the grant is to support the county Emergency Management office, and the purpose of the Hazmat Response Equipment funding is to supplement existing local funding for Hazmat response.

Eligibility: Only Counties that have submitted a pre-application by the previous 2024 pre-application deadline are eligible to apply. See Table 1 of the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for eligibility. A link to the NOFO can also be found in the Funding Announcement in Egrants.