Formerly known as the 1033 Program, the U.S. Department of Defense Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) Program permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess Department of Defense supplies and equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies for use in their law enforcement duties. This property is procured at no cost to the agency with the exception of any shipping or transportation costs. The type of property available includes, but is not limited to, tactical gear, vehicles, watercraft, weapons, night vision, exercise equipment, office furniture, clothing, and other miscellaneous items. “From paperclips to airplanes.”. All equipment must be strictly accounted for. When no longer needed, agencies must request permission for turn in, transfer, or disposal.

Agencies must request participation in the program through the Governor appointed State Coordinator. Wisconsin Emergency Management is the State Coordinator for the LESO Program for the State of Wisconsin. The Coordinator will facilitate the application process with the Federal Law Enforcement Support Office. 


Wisconsin State Point of Contact Information:

Brent Krebs, or 608-242-3332

Application Process

In order to enroll for participation in the program, four forms need to be completed, signed, and sent to WEM. Please contact the State Point of Contact for more information.

The enrollment form is a commitment from the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) to pay the annual enrollment fee for the current calendar year. The enrollment fee is required for any year in which a LEA wishes to procure new equipment from the LESO Program. The fee schedule for enrollment is: 

The information from the Application will determine the quantity of items your department will be allowed to obtain. The Application should be kept current and updated when agency changes occur. Each year, the LEA will be asked to complete a new LESO Program Application. 

Please e-mail the completed forms to:

Brent Krebs ( LESO Program Manager

Procurement & Inventory

Participating LEAs in the LESO Program can acquire excess Department of Defense (DoD) Property through a federal database – RTDweb. Equipment available through RTDweb includes clothing and office supplies, tools and rescue equipment, vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, and rifles and other small arms. There is no cost for the equipment, but LEAs are responsible for shipping and transportation costs for the equipment. 

Locked out of RTD/AMPS? Follow this guide.

Controlled Equipment Information:

Controlled Equipment includes weapons, armored vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft. In order to be approved to procure categories of controlled equipment, equipment request forms must be submitted to LESO through the State Coordinator’s office. Controlled equipment request forms can be accessed through the LESO webpage.

Controlled Equipment Request Forms:

Completed controlled equipment request forms can be submitted for approval via e-mail to: