Some individuals, families, and communities that are especially hit hard by a disaster may need more time and specialized assistance to recover and a more formalized structure to support them during recovery. Specialized assistance may be needed to address unique needs that are not satisfied by routine disaster assistance programs. It may also be required for very complex restoration or rebuilding challenges. Long-term community recovery addresses these ongoing needs by taking a holistic, long-term view of critical needs and coordinating the mobilization of resources at the federal, state, and community levels.

If the event overwhelms your jurisdiction’s ability to respond and recover at the local level, your local unit of government (city, village, county, etc.) should declare a “State of Emergency.”

Several recovery plans include:

Wisconsin Recovery Task Force

The State of Wisconsin created the Wisconsin Recovery Task Force (WRTF) to coordinate state efforts in recovery regarding mitigation, agriculture, economic, housing, infrastructure and health and social services.

The mission of the WRTF is to assist individuals, businesses and communities recover quickly, safely and with increased resilience to disasters. 

The critical focus areas include:

  • Securing funding and other resources necessary for recovery
  • Establishing principles and policies for redevelopment
  • Leading long-term community and regional planning efforts
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability in the investment of recovery funds
  • Communicating progress

Contact Information:

Sam Liebl, State Recovery Planner and Individual Assistance Officer

Phone: 608-316-5374


Long-Term Recovery Resources