A damage assessment determines what was damaged, when, where and how. Accurate information is essential for the response and recovery efforts to be effective. — it also assists WEM in determining eligibility for disaster recovery programs, such as the Wisconsin Disaster Fund (State program), FEMA’s Public Assistance Program (Federal program), and other programs.

If the event overwhelms your jurisdiction’s ability to respond and recover at the local level, your local unit of government (city, village, county, etc.) should declare a “State of Emergency.”

The County Emergency Management Director must submit a Uniform Disaster Situation Report (UDSR) form to the UDSR board in WebEOC, within 72 hours of the end of a disaster incident period. Updates to the UDSR should be updated as necessary as the situation evolves or as time permits.

The UDSR captures damages to the private sector (homes and businesses) and public sector (debris clearance, protective measures, roads/culverts, utility damage, recreational facilities). It also provides an opportunity for Local Emergency Management Directors to describe actions taken at the local level and those responsible for them, such as:

  • The Highway Commissioner closed County Road P and Spring Drive at 5:00 am
  • The community has exhausted its supply of sand and sandbags to protect the water treatment plant

Damage Assessment Contact Information

UDSR Form Submission

Wisconsin Disaster Fund Coordinator

Phone: 608-242-3259

Email:  widisasterfund@wisconsin.gov