2021 State Hazard Mitigation Plan

WEM is the lead agency for the statewide hazard mitigation program, a key component of which is the State of Wisconsin Hazard Mitigation Plan. The current State Hazard Mitigation Plan was published in December 2021. The current plan builds upon the Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy originally developed in 2001 and updated in 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2016. In accordance with FEMA requirements, the next update of the State Hazard Mitigation Plan is scheduled for 2026.


National Risk Index

The National Risk Index  is an online tool to help illustrate the United States communities most at risk for 18 natural hazards. The graphic below shows a downscaled version of the National Risk Index for comparison within the Wisconsin.

Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool (RAST)

The Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool is a free geographic information systems (GIS) tool to help emergency managers and community partners at all GIS skill levels to visualize and assess potential challenges to community resilience. It combines population and community data (community resilience indicators), infrastructure locations, and hazard data, including real-time weather forecasts, historic disasters, and estimated annualized frequency of hazard risk.

Wisconsin Shoreline Viewer:

The Wisconsin Shoreline Inventory and Oblique Photo Viewer is an interactive online tool that combines historic photos of the Wisconsin Great Lakes coasts, as well as historical bluff analyses and profiles. The tool, funded by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and NOAA, was initially developed in 2008. This tool has valuable information to do studies, scope mitigation projects, and information for use in training and exercise sessions for emergency managers.