The importance of building partnerships and overcoming complex challenges were two key messages that resonated with attendees […]
As Wisconsin springs forward and daylight saving time begins, it is also an opportunity to prepare for […]
Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin will take place April 8-12 this year. This annual […]
The image shows a residential area experiencing significant flooding. Several houses are partially submerged in water, reflecting a high water level that has inundated the area. In the foreground, an American flag is prominently displayed, hanging from a flagpole attached to the porch of a house. The porch itself is right at the water's edge, suggesting the floodwaters have risen quite close to the home. Power lines stretch overhead, unobstructed by the flood. The sky is clear and blue, indicating the weather is calm now, which contrasts with the disaster on the ground. Trees and greenery are visible in the background, and there is no visible movement in the water, indicating the current may be still at the moment. The scene is likely captured after a recent flood event, as the water is relatively calm and the sky is clear.
The spring of 2023 saw historic flooding hit parts of Wisconsin, which forced roads to close and […]
Wisconsin Emergency Management staff pack STEP materials for shipping to over 100 schools across the state.
Students across the state will learn the importance of being prepared for emergencies this spring through the […]
Registration for the 56th Annual Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Emergency Management & Homeland Security is now open! This year’s […]
With the first major winter storm of the season expected for much of southern and eastern parts […]
A holiday tree is lit up with lights next to many candles that are lit.
The holidays are full of decorations that help light up many homes and public spaces. While they […]
Wisconsin winters are great for outdoor activities, but the cold and snow can also pose serious dangers […]
The end of daylight saving time is another reminder of the changing seasons in Wisconsin and the […]