This application serves as your pre-registration to assist Wisconsin Emergency Management as a volunteer during a cyber incident.

The Wisconsin Cyber Response Team (CRT) seeks qualified incident response practitioners with expertise in addressing cybersecurity events/incidents to apply for membership.

NOTE: Incident Responders must agree to become InfraGard members or provide a TSA Known Traveler Number as evidence of a background investigation.

Additional information about the qualifications, process, and requirements for membership can be found on the CRT website. Members of the CRT may have the opportunity to deploy across the state or support locally in response to major cybersecurity disasters. Those interested in applying for membership are encouraged to complete the application below.

If you would prefer, you can also download and complete out the PDF forms and email them to

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Membership Requirements and Administrative Considerations

By checking each item, you indicate that you agree with the following statements. If there are questions or concerns with a statement, please email

Review Agreement
Not a Wisconsin Agent
Conflicts of interest
Allow TSA or InfraGard Membership
Not a felon

Privacy Considerations

Personal contact information and associated details provided on this application are protected from public disclosure by 5 USC 552a and Wisconsin State Statute 995.50.